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    Intercooler Strainer/Filter mount in a GP1800?

    I picked up a big honking strainer for my intercooler. I want to mount it and the only place that looks suitable is the backside of the partition bulkhead behind the engine. Where are you guys that have one mounting it? This is what I have Thanks!

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    This is just for filtering the inter cooler water feed flow?

    So after the X fitting in the cooling feed from the jet pump.

    Does it need to allow full water draining between rides or for winter storage?

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    I stuck the metal bracket onto the inside of the hull, pretty much in line with the bulkhead. Just packed in a bunch of 5200 and made sure it stayed in place until the silicone started to tack up and could hold the weight of the bracket, and then mounted the strainer once it had fully cured. 16 hours later it is still holding on great.

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