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Thread: Reusing gaskets

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    Reusing gaskets

    Just got done with a rebuild on my 2015 ultra LX engine and put about 40 minutes on it when I noticed the pisser was not pissing. Not sure how long it was like that, as much as 15 minutes, as little as 30 seconds. For the 1st 20 minutes or so I watched it like a hawk, & pulled the seat a couple times to inspect for problem until around 40 minutes into the ride. Shut the engine down, shut the recently installed ball valves on the cooling lines & towed it in.

    Got it it on the hose in the driveway and inspected everything over and found a water leak on the head gasket under the exhaust manifold. The head is a remanned from SBT, all gaskets, o-rings & consumable parts are brand new with the rebuild.

    Iím pulling the engine out right now to get the head off and check it for warps since I donít know how long it ran without the pisser pushing water...the engine was pretty warm, but didnít seem to be extremely hot.

    my main question, re using the gaskets that only have 40 minutes run time, good idea or bad? (not the head gasket-gonna replace that)

    anything else i should check while while itís out?

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    I reuse metal type gaskets all the time, just spray them with copper coat. Paper fiber type are ok to reuse if they didn't get torn or stuck to the surface if they are still looking as new.

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