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    Alum or galvanized. Well the most important thing to also look for is the axle tube rusting as these are NOT alum. My axle stubs rusted right where they are welded to the axle tube(I have a post on this in the trailer forum). I caught it in time and made new ones. Salt water use and flushed and washed after each use. It just happens. The new axle assembly that I made has more drain holes as well as access to get a hose into the axle tube holes, plus heavier wall. INSPECT YOUR AXLES people.

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    I’ll stop-short of recommending one over the other.
    One negative aspect about the avg aluminum ski trailer is them being right on the cusp of design limits, cost-cutting, and that is likely what those statistics show. The ones that failed are likely slight QA oversights coming off the line, and probably the one-off pothole-bump that just happen to push the trailer over that limit. Aluminum is a costly material, so the tubes are often thin and leverage structural reinforcement techniques such as ribbing and folding to “make up” for the lighter gauges material.
    It can be very bouncy & flexible – both of which can be a plus AND a minus.

    Here’s what I would consider:
    Your avg miles – you already stated that.
    Saltwater – you already stated that.
    Road conditions – will it be mostly rough, or highway-smooth.
    Weight of PWC – 3 seater couches are not the 2 seater 2-stroke of yester-year.
    Length of ownership – why get a 25+ year aluminum trailer if you are more likely to trade-up every 5-8 years.

    Mine is aluminum-ish (because I do 100% salt). In fact, my trailer is a custom (used) alum boat I-beam chopped-down to fit my 3 seater. The tongue, winch-post and Flexiride axle are galv. So mine is somewhat a hybrid.
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    If you ride a ride the best. Why not use the best for your machines? If they could talk.....they'd say..."Triton Elite please!" In a nutshell....Triton for the WIN!

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