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    1996 1100 ZXI no cooling water out of exhaust only

    Hi all,

    I just picked up a super low hours 1996 1100 ZXI. Testing it out on the hose, I am getting cooling water out of the pisser and the nozzle, but not out of the exhaust. Based on the coolant flow, it would seem the blockage has to be after the expansion chamber. I removed the exhaust pipe between the chamber and the muffler and it looks fine, which makes me the think the blockage must be in the muffler or the exhaust hose out of the muffler.

    The shop manual says I have to remove the expansion chamber to get the muffler out, which isn't the biggest deal, but at that point, why not just tear down and check out the whole engine....

    is there any way to check the muffler without removing it? Any other thoughts to help me avoid mission creep?


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    I don't know about the expansion chamber, but would offer a few suggestions if you end up pulling the exhaust off.

    I would go ahead and unbolt the engine as well, raise it up, and replace the driveshaft seal & bearing (called the holder). If it hasn't been replaced before, it's time. I'd also replace the starter at the same time.

    Also, I'd pull the front cover off the engine, clean the cooling passage for that, and replace the oil pump drive coupling.

    While you're at it, might as well do the carbs... Yea, it never ends!

    Maintaining this stuff will reduce the chance of problems that can cost you time & money later.

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