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    RXTx 300 Oil Pressure/Engine light (sensor bad)

    So last year I had the oil pressure sensor go on me, (triggered the code / light) i had it replaced and all is well.

    Well here we are again Oil pressure light is on. Anyone have any idea why this keeps happening???? Id like to find out the cause to why they keep failing on me.

    Oil light comes on about 3800 RPMS and triggers Limp mode.
    I can hammer it if i restart but after about 5 seconds im back to limp. and that engine beep is constant. it doesn't stop!! great time to be an hour ride from your dock! Lol
    Thanks in advance

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    Well, are you 100% sure your oil pressure is ok? Have you checked to see if the oil filter has collasped?
    How may hrs on the engine?
    Where is the oil level at?

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    Filter is fine just checked it , oil level perfect . No smoke or anything . I have full power until limp mode is engaged , and it happened last year I had it replaced Professionally.. unfortunately I have to manage myself now or I’d just drop it off. Was wondering why these keep failing . And if it’s a common issue

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