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    Plastic Wear Ring Tightness

    I have a new Solas impeller that I just installed. I had the plastic lined wear ring and this new impeller is very tight in it. It doesnt spin freely but I can spin it with a wrench on the end of the shaft. Is this how the plastic liners are with new impellers? I have a seperate liner that isnt in a housing and if fit over the impeller fine. Should I swap the liners? Thanx.

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    With the "plastic" liner its not uncommon to fit very tight. When you start it up and let it run for a little bit it will dig into the liner and cut it out perfectly.

    Dont just drop it in the water and nail the throttle, let it idle for a while on the hose after all the bolts are tightened. When you get it in the water bring the rpms up slowly the first time since the prop will have some flex and cut a bit more of the liner. After that your good to go.

    NOTE: That is only with a plastic liner.

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    I can't even get the ski started. It cranks very slowly and both the power and ground wires get really hot (going to change those). If I pull the spark plugs out, it will turn at a normal pace and everything seems fine. I have not had it hooked up to the water though. I did spray WD-40 in the pump and that seemed to help. Maybe I will try that again.

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    If it turned at a normal pace for any time at all with the plugs out then the liner should be cut already if its going to be. Have you tried hooking up a battery charger and starting trying to start it with the charger on? A different battery doesnt always do the trick.

    Hot cables usually mean a bad battery or poor ground.

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    I turned the pump with a big breaker bar at the end of the shaft before I installed it. Even then, it took several rotations before it became easy.

    I will put the battery charger on it tonight and replace the ground and power wires tomorrow. Hopefully that will get it started.

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