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    VX110 Surging problem

    Hello, I have a 2006 VX110 yamaha that is driving me crazy. The ski is a very clean fresh water ski that we picked up from a guy who pulled the motor out to put in a yamaha boat. It had everything in it except the motor. All wiring, electronics, etc. We had a crashed 2008 model that we pulled the motor out of. We put the motor in and it ran fine. Then the problems started pretty quickly. You could run the ski for about 20 min and the oil light would come on and go into limp mode. We checked the oil pressure and it seemed fine, low at idle and increased with rpm. Changed out the sensor. Still same problem. Figured it had to be the oil pump because it was low at idle speeds. Pulled the engine and replaced the oil pump assembly with new OEM unit. put the motor back in and now it doesn't run wide open. It runs perfect up to 7000 rpm at 1/2 throttle. If you try to open the throttle up it surges badly and loses speed. We have changed out the computer (from an 08 model) the throttle body, the throttle servo. Spark plugs. It is not over filled with oil. No matter what we change it still won't run wide open. The security system works and it will go in and out of learner mode. Today we decided to run it for a while anyway just to see and sure enough, after about 20 min the oil light came back on and went into limp mode. Im ready for some dynamite. I really don't know what could be causing this. I would guess the computer, but it did not run any differently when we changed it.

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    Just an update, I just pulled the air filter and replaced. It was not oil soaked but it was not super clean. I replaced the spark plugs, they all looked even and good but put a new set in just to be sure. I pulled the fuel rail off. Spinning it over all four injectors seem to be misting the same amount of fuel. I pulled them and cleaned them with cleaner and compressed air just to be sure. Started the ski back up. It took quite a bit of turning over to get it to start. I would have thought the electric fuel pump would have pressurized the injectors pretty fast. Once it started, it starts right back like normal every time. We did do a fuel pressure test a while back and it was to spec 47psi, but not sure if it stays there when running on the lake.
    I'm going to run it in the morning and see if any of those things helped at all. Any ideas appreciated. I also noticed that after running the ski, I went to put gas in and the tank was pressurized, is that normal on a fuel injected four stroke. I would have thought not.

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    What service work was done with the motor out? What color are the plugs?

    I would also send the injectors out to be cleaned and spray tested. A leaky injector could also cause the fuel pressure to drop when the motor is off. Just posted this in another thread, I use these guys:


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