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    2007 Yamaha VX110 Fuel Injector Problem

    It started running bad - knew one cylinder wasn't firing. Plugs were good so checked the injectors and #4 (front of the ski) is not squirting.
    Couldn't find a service manual online either. Didn't see anything here with a quick search. Hoping for some advice on trouble-shooting cleaning/replacing if necessary, like can you replace an individual one or the whole manifold is necessary? Also if anyone can point me to a service manual download I would appreciate it.

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    Never mind - figured out how to get it off and clean it. Still hoping to find a service manual though.

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    Get YDS 1.33 off eBay $70 this let’s you fire the injectors to test them the issue could be the ecu rather than the injector swap them round and see if the miss fire follows the injector or not

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    I highly recommend these folks for injector service. Costs me about $100 including shipping both ways for four injectors. Cheap price to pay to know you are at peak injector performance.


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    Yes, cleaning didn't fix the problem, although after I cleaned it, it squirted fine, until I got it back on the water, and it was the same problem. Cleaned it again, same. Thought that odd. I then switched injectors and it followed the injector so pretty sure it's a bad injector. I got some salvage ones off ebay for fairly cheap. will try those next.

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