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    Seven Deadly Questions with Long-Time Rider Mark McQueen

    The Watercraft Journal: You’ve enjoyed an action-packed riding career for sure. Tell us a little about it; when you first started riding stand ups, and what prompted you to try racing over other riding styles?

    Mark McQueen: It was around 1990. I was tired of playing golf and wanted to do something physical. My best friend, Tom Arthur, had a JS550 and a KX250. He recommended the jet ski and he helped me pick one out the next day. It was difficult to stand at first because I was leaning over like I was water skiing. After a few sessions with Tom, I was hooked. I really enjoyed freestyle and wave jumping, but someone insisted I try and race. I was 2 years into skiing and raced on the River in Beaumont. I still remember the feeling of being on the line for my first race. I was addicted.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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