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    Ultra 150 - triple pipes & OEM oil pump


    Did anyone run factory pipes with the oil pump? The instructions I have mentioned going pre-mix but I'm not keen on that. Just curious what is involved in keeping the oil pump?


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    Do you have the factory pipe install video? Pretty sure they retain the stock oil injection

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    The stxr install does not mention removing the oil pump. The ultra 150 install says the oil pump causes a fitment issue. I thought the mag pipes were the same on the ultra/stxr but have not fit these pipes on an ultra so I cant tell you for sure. You may want to fit the mag pipe with the oil pump still on and see how it looks. Or go premix

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    Strange how the instructions are different for both models. I’m not a fan of pre-mix on the u150 so I’ll try a mock up now I’ve almost completed the rebuild

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    Thanks for reply

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