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    Quote Originally Posted by FLRXP View Post
    I replaced the filter and ran it for an hour today and everything seems to be running fine. The filter sat all winter and I didnt change it before I rode.

    well that's my bad. I assumed the owner of a high performance ski would be changing the oil and filter at the end of the previous season ( better) or at the beginning of the new season. Sorry about telling you to change out the oil sender, but I've done many on early 4-tecs..too many for it to be anything but a poorly designed item prone to this exact sort of failure mode.

    I recall on the 300 ace engine they touted an improved sender that wasn't so vulnerable to failure dueto oil pressure oscillation, as they called it

    next change you'll likely want to use a newer filter for the 300 that has metal mesh to discourage unwanted collapses. On a ski with those specs, I would consider it a must have. It's a straight replacement with a superior design. Only downside is it's slightly harder to rip the filter apart to see the level of metal in it

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    Did you replace it with the new style filter? (less susseotable to water in oil collaspe)If the old one collasped, I would check the new one if its the old paper style now for the same problem before you get stranded out on the water. You may be getting water in your oil.

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    The filter is directly from SeaDoo, are they still selling the old style ones? It looks like the normal ones on 4-tec performance.

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    The new filter looks like this. I think it is standard on the 300HP skis now but it is backward compatible with other 4-tec engines.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    P1520 Oil Code - 07 RXP Stage 3

    Older style filter ends in 741 and newer ends in 744

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    Older vs newer
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I got the code again today. I changed the oil and filter (old style) and was out riding and it threw the code OIL reading then P 1520 into limp mode. I turned the ski off to let the ski sit for a few and when I cranked it back up to head home the warning was gone. I took it slow back to the dock but really need to get this issue figured out. After reading what everyone has said I think going back out with the oil pressure gauge may be the best bet for trying to diagnose if the issue is the oil pressure regulator or the oil pressure switches, any more input here?

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    Bump. Really want to get this on the water, been busy lately. Anyone in Orlando who can fix this for me?

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    I replaced the oil pressure switch in the rear (I have 08+ oiling system) and was running the ski for an hour wide open around the lake mostly, and it threw the SAME code again, Beep with OIL then P1520. The air has been very hot and humid, and the lake water is also hotter than usual. Wondering if the oil is getting too hot and thin because of all the heat and needing a thicker oil.

    Any suggestions on what to do next? I still haven't pressure tested the head to check the oil pressure. Wondering if it could be the oil pressure regulator. After I let the ski sit a few minutes and fire it up to go back to the dock it beeped while it was running one time but did not throw a code and I didn't see any lights etc.

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    You are flirting with catastrophic engine failure. You need to verify the oil pressure with a gauge. When you see a oil pressure wearing never assume itís a sensor problem. Shut it off and get towed.

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