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    sl750 mag cylinder getting hot

    so here's the deal, i did a first of the season run a few weeks ago and i checked the temps with my hand quite often while riding, and the rear and middle pistons never got too hot but the front one was giving off a incredible amount of heat, as in i couldn't touch it,(i tried and ended up getting burned) so i brought it home and did some tests on the trailer and noticed its not the cooling system, because i ran it on my trailer without a hose for 10 seconds just to check it and still, the front piston got WAY hotter than the rear two, so does anyone have any ideas on what could cause this? i should also mention that the front spark plug ended up looking like a chard porcupine after about 5 hours of run time. maybe running really lean?

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    MAG cylinder normally runs a tad hotter than the others due to the stator/magneto... but that said... yours sounds too hot. You should be able to do the 2-second finger temp test on the heads/jugs.

    Sounds like you are running lean in that cylinder. Likely fuel/carbs related... but could be a leaking front crank seal?? Are you running the triple-outlet pump on your 750 (you should)?

    I'd definitely sort it out before running it more.


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    Untouchably hot sounds like a problem with cooling water flow/restriction. You might want to carefully (preserve the small gaskets) remove the water manifold bar from the top of the engine and inspect for possible blockage.

    All? of the cooling water for a cylinder (I have fuzzy memory for the blue Fuji engines, but I think this is correct) eventually must exit via the water manifold and then flow through the thermostat housing and out of the hull.

    A restriction in the water manifold or in the cylinder top manifold fitting will prevent proper water flow and the cylinder will run hot.

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