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    project tripple threat

    well 96 sltx with a standard 1050 , just got a 2nd job and just dumped my g/f , so there is gonna be alot more money comeing my way ,

    any discount used parts you guys can send my way will be appericated and youll get your handle painted on the ski for special thanks ,

    with the carbs being messed up i prolly wont be rideing so much this summer ,

    but she'll get a brand new top end , carbs , reeds , and maybe some case an cly porting , ride plate and prop with a 6 vein ,

    single pipe hot rod ,

    so any body wanna help me out with carbs 40-42 , reeds vr2-3s , one piece head and pump gas domes , ride plates ?

    and it will get a paint job 2 match my truck ,

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    Purple Op Ride Plate For Sltx,measure Your Stocker To See How Wide It Is.i've Got A Set Of 40's.carbon Tech Reeds To Fit Stock Cages,great Low End,keep Reed Stuffers,less Seat 5mph Kit Would Be Good,get Cdi Recurved For 92 Octane,paint Waterbox,pipe,headcovers,and Water Bar Purple???lose The Red.

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    aww man there gonna be so much red in there your not even gonna know when you bust your knuckel , or black

    im pretty sure i can find the right cdi later on down the road ,

    im buying a hotseat cover for the domes , prolly match every thing up that the 5 mph kit has , domes wedge and waterbox ,

    next will be reeds , depending on if your carbon petals are as good as v2 s

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