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    Bringing This MSX 150 Back To Life

    After selling my msx 150 to a friend last summer, I kind've regretted selling it so have been searching for another one. Nothing has popped up the last few weeks in the marketplace so I contacted a friend who parts out skis and he happend to have one. We worked out a trade deal and I picked it up Saturday. He got the ski in a bulk buy and had no idea on what was wrong with it but I figured I would take a chance on it. Wanted to post up so I have a history of the ski's progression as I plan to keep this long term and also for anyone that has one to know there's hope once all the issues are sorted! Everything in this first post was done within 2days of getting the ski. BTW - Big thanks to the Polaris Goon Squad for the fast track to getting this thing running again!

    How it has been sitting at my friends parts yard.

    Loaded up

    Brought home and checked oil. A little milky.

    Put a battery in it and it took a few seconds but it did fire up. After running very briefly, it died out and then did not want to restart as seen in vid. It was simply out of gas. I added 3gallons and it cranked right back up

    Temp sensor plug was jerry rigged.... Snipped that to bypass the alarm it was throwing on the dash which was 1 thing putting it in limp mode

    Throttle body was not responding to any input when dash was powered up but ski not running. Went to do the throttle body relearn procedure and then noticed that the dang TB cable wasn't even plugged in! With throttle body plugged in and ski on trailer (reverse pulled), it revved to 3k before settling back down to 1550. Figured that was a good sign and time for a watertest.

    With trailer backed into the water, it wasn't revving out. I took a closer look and the charge pipe from Intercooler to Throttle body was not even connected to the coupler. It was getting dark and I didn't have enough time to put clamps on so I just popped the charge pipe in and also did the IFB paperclip mod then took the vid right after this. It was revving more without hitting a limiter. Charge pipe popped off in vid.

    79.5 hours on the clock

    Next morning, Put some clamps on the charge pipe

    Put 10 more gallons of gas in. Idles at 1550 & no more warning lights!

    Watertest... The wastegate is sticky so it will go into limp mode if you overboost. That is the only issue it's giving me at this point.

    Pressure washing round 1. Also did oil change with Mobil 1 15-50. Oil has stayed clean after 2hrs so far.

    Spark plugs were crusty - put some new ones in it and it idles much smoother

    Cleaned up engine bay

    Pump bearings looked good with no signs of water intrustion. Prop & wear ring clearance are good. Prop in decent condition.

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    Awesome! Nice to see another one back from the dead.

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    yall are killing me. I have ridden a few MSX hulls recently and i like them. Pretty sure 22 skis will end in my GF leaving though.

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    You get it from Curtis?

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    Congrats looks good, I recently bought a MSX 150 from a person that knows these skis really well 4 months ago and I love mine.

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