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    2005 STX 15F Impeller removal

    This is my first impeller swap. I know I need to buy a few tools. I need an impeller removal tool for sure. My question is, do I really need an impeller holder tool? It doesn't seem like it is necessary, idk. Any other advice would be appreciated as well. I do have to of these skis. I'm sure I will have to do this to the other in the near future.


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    I made a tool like the one that Kawasaki sells. I think it's easier to use than just putting the shaft in a vise, but that will work, too. I would use a vise that has smooth, hard jaws, and a big handle that you can get really tight. Soft jaws won't grip very well, and serrated jaws will mark up the shaft.
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    Thank you for the response. I purchased the Solas WR001 impeller tool and think I'm going to pass on purchasing the Kawasaki 57001-1393.

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    I use my large bench vice with alum angle for soft jaws. Never had an issue.

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    a high quality bench vise is strongly advised. Strongly may not be strong enough advice. You must have a good bench vise that is mounted on an equally good bvench.

    don't ask me how I know this.

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