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Thread: Fx 140 no start

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    Fx 140 no start

    Fx 140 no start
    04 fx 140. Turns over fine. Will not start. Occasionally fires and idles for a for a second or two then dies, occasional backfire when cranking. Acts like fouled plugs but it's not.
    Compression 175-180
    New spark plugs
    Spark - all 4 when cranking (inline checker)
    No chk eng light or codes (just 01)
    Haphazardly checked fuel pressure at quick connect (fuel gushing out)
    Visually checked cylinders thru plug holes for excess fuel
    Such as from a bad ecu holding injector open. Cranked engine with plugs excess fuel or spray.
    No water in fuel
    Swapped iac from another unit. (Iac was getting pretty warm when cranking) made no difference.
    Swapped fuses
    New battery.
    Unplugged tps no difference
    Ran great last fall. Fogged and winterized.
    Any other ideas? Possible ecu issue? Spark, fuel, and compression... what else could keep it from running?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Known ecu issues normally rates to injectors sticking (open flooding a cylinder) or closed starving it) you can send injectors to be cleaned and checked or you can do a simple bench test do you have access to YDS? coil issues perhaps

    have you done some simple bits like new genuine NGK plugs, fresh battery, fresh gas?

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