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    2014 Spark dies after full throttle run

    So this has now happened twice. Ski has died after running it full throttle. Dead, no beep or screen display or clicking when attempting to start. Music still plays (amp is connected to battery). Battery is good.

    First time I ran it hard and did lots of turns, but nothing crazy. Turned it off and it wouldn't turn on. Got towed in, took it home and it started fine.

    Second time, I ran it hard and doing some 360's and it died mid circle. Music still played but I turned it off. Ten minutes later I was able to start it got it back, but music didn't seem to turn on. That is a brief observation as I was just trying to make it back to the boat launch more than anything.

    So I'm thinking it may be an overheating issue (only seems to occur when going full throttle and taking sharp turns) or I've heard maybe a relay? Battery tests come back full. Most relay threads will attempt to start or there is some form of power, but I get no warnings or beeps about overheating.

    Any ideas? There is minimal water (barely any comes out when pull the drain plug) in the hull, maybe the little water somehow splashes onto some wiring and temporarily causes an issue?

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    sounds like possible overheating, but i'm trying to work out how you can do a 360 at full throttle and not get thrown off the ski lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by noweakness View Post
    ...So I'm thinking it may be an overheating issue ...
    Thats first thing that popped into my mind as, someone who has forgotten more than I know about the Sparks pointed out to me the less than ideal location they placed the stock air intake ... (sucking in warm to hot, rather than cold, air ...)

    PS - WELCOME to!!!!!!!!!

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    on a swag, if you have the hull open, have a look at the main relay connections. I imagine the interior of that hull is going to get pretty hot at speed.

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    Also, wasn't there a thread or notice about the wiring harness touching the block on a sharp corner that cn cause this kind of issue?
    Hard riding moves the engine around and harness around and it makes contact.

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    now that you mention it, there was!

    but it was a one and done issue that would blow a fuse and prevent a start

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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Wouldn't overheating give me a beep/code prior to shutting off though?

    I ordered a new relay as a precaution, but my sound system won't start now. Weird, it ran fine when the ski shut off. Turn the sound off. Ski finally turned on after 10 minutes, then the sound system wouldn't turn on. I'm hoping its the wiring. Would the relay cause a complete shut off though? I thought it would have just provided initial power to the starter.

    My ski did get water in it a few rides ago.

    On a side note, can the fuse box/relay be accessed without taking the top off? Never had to look for it before.

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