After accientially buying my old r12x and yamaha WB2 back last yr for a killer price I got the bug to look for a 15x and found one by chance across tye state with only 49hrs and flawless .
Been on it all day . its currently stock 100% and from memory from my old aquitance that had a f15x that was moded to the gills I want to do as much as i can without getting too deep into my pockets .
His ski had the first h2o kit on it (2 fcd2 boxes /type9 ic and piping with some mods to install map sensors /adjustable fuel reg / mbc / a stock prop with a -3°leading edge & +2° trailing edge /cut intake grate\ modified ride plate / pump wedge .
That was his list of mods 6yrs ago before it sold it ...
It was stupid fast and had better holeshot than the 300x.
So I want to stsrt off with stuff I can do first .
Has anyone had the chance to do the stock ic mod with good results (removing spark arestor and installing its own water flow ?
Going to wait till winter to send prop off for repitching .
I want to do a custom exhaust but I'm not sure on how it works . but it definatly needs more volume