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    Exclamation Just acquired a 93 750ss and it wonít start

    New hear so I apologize and Iím also new to jet skis.

    i just got a 1993 Kawasaki 750ss off a family member. The PWC has been sitting for approximately 2 years. Put a new battery in it. It will turn over but wonít fire. Pull the plugs and they are soaked in what looks like oil. Clean the off and put them back in and turn it over same thing they are covered in oil.

    Many help/suggestions?

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    It was probably fogged before storage or has oil in the cylinders from sitting, either is good because it likely means the engine is in decent shape. If I were fixing this Iíd start with dribbling a little bit of premix in the cylinders to see if itíll fire. If it does then I would take apart the carburetors and clean them thoroughly. Then I would siphon out all the old gas from the tank and refill with fresh gas, then replace fuel lines and fuel filter then from there verify that the engine functions properly, and I think that would be a good start. Also youíll probably have to prime the fuel system before you start it because your ski likely has a mechanical fuel pump and will take a lot of cranking to draw fuel in enough to fire the engine.

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    Thanks for the input I will give this a try

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    Do a compression check.
    It wont take any time at all to fill the lines, filter and carb, in fact, it will prob fill when you prime it with a little premix. The other thing you need to do is replace the oil injection line that runs from the pump to the intake. Chances are it's old and brittle. get only a quality carb kit. There are some out there that have a woven material for the fuel pump diaphragms, that are total garbage. They are cheap, which is very enticing, but spend a few bucks on a decent kit, and unless your going to pop for a true Keihin kit, reuse the old needle and spring to maintain a fairly accurate pop off. be sure and document how many turns from seated the mixture screws are. Should be pretty close to 1 turn out for both.

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    If the engine has a lot of oil in it, you'll need to clear it before you start it. Pull the spark plugs and ground them to the grounding lugs. Put a sacrificial towel across the spark plug holes and crank it. If you have excess oil in it, it will spray like a geyser. Clean the plugs and re-install.

    Smell the gasoline. If it smells like turpentine, siphon it out and fill with fresh. With the crappy fuel being sold these days, you may end up cleaning the tank, replacing the fuel lines, and rebuilding the carbs.

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