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    Question Polaris Wirage 700, year model 2008 - limp mode

    Hi, I got an Polaris Wirage 700 with modellerar 2008 ( at least I think due to the come on the ride that ends with A808, maybe this could be an Yong wang...).

    Any whay I was out on the sea and was running ok intill the limp mode hittet and the ride couldnít go over around 3000 rpm.

    The next day I tried the ride and it hit the full revs for about 2 minutes intill I releases the gas. Then when I wanted full speed again it went inte limp mode again...

    Iíve searched other forums to solved this but couldnít fond anything. My practice skills for the mechanics are basic so maybe it breda to be explained clearly...

    The sparkplugs are acording specs, BR8ES. Iíve tried to renovera the sensor och Grey plug from exaust without any luck.

    Could someone please helt men with this issue?

    Many thanks, Philip.

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    If you have a Yong Wang it should say so, cast into the reverse bucket.
    If you have a Polaris it should have the word Polaris on the hull decals.

    What are the first few letters on the HIN number plate, visible on the rear deck?
    That will tell you which manufacture it was made by.

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    Hello K447 and thanks for your reply.

    The HIN-nummer is; CNYWCA6B54A808.

    I guess that the YW standard for Yong wang and the last Numbers 08 for year 2008?

    What do you medan by cast inte reverse bucket? My translation from English to Swedish not good enough to understand.

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