I have (2) 2006 GP1300s, both lowell ported...one is a 1390. They have sat for a long long long long time. I do not care, nor will I ever care for the R+D controllers, RIVA controllers etc. I was hoping someone could suggest what to do besides light a match and walk away. I figured I'd get them up and running and then maybe trade them in towards a new one. I already have a 2017 cancer GP1800...I'd get another one because my lemon luck cannot possibly impact a 2nd ski.

Anywho, frustration included in my post. I just want to get the old GPR's back up and running. I was told they most likely need "stepping motors" as they run balls out on trailer (used to anyways)...and don't run for shit on the water (40ish MPH max, the motor wants to go...something is telling it not happening)

But yeah, if anyone has anything they suggest from experience...I know R+D for a brief time did reflashes for stupid amounts of money...and I'd sooner see myself converting each hull to a 1.8L and completely dumping the 1300s altogether...I don't know exactly what that entails...but I do love those older GPR hulls.

Look forward to your responses...hope your all riding. Unfortunately I'm not.