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    New and really need help

    Hello everyone.. I'm new to the forum here and really need some help I cant seem to find online or locally. I have a 1995 ZXi 750 with a no kill issue. The stator coil and cdi box are new. The on/off switch has had the magnet removed (before I acquired them) and when I pull the lanyard of push the kill switch it will not die. I have tested all wiring and switches up to the CDI box and everything checks out. I tested wire continuity with an ohm meter along with switch and start operations. I tested the white and black kill switch wires as they attach to the cdi box and when the kill switch is pressed in ot kills the voltage.. do I still have a bad cdi?

    On off switch will not kill the motor
    With the kill switch In It will not start
    Ince started kill switch wont kill it I have to pull plug wires
    There isn't any corrosion on the wires or ground points. I'm at a loss

    Any help or sugestions are greatly appreciated. If I ha e posted this in the wrong area I apologize

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    Welcome aboard, MindSpeed!

    Yes, this needs to be posted in the 2-stroke section. Perhaps one of the moderators will move it.

    Kawasaki wiring isn't all that waterproof. Pull all the connectors apart (thought it sounds like you have) and inspect the pins for corrosion. Pull everything out of the ignition box and inspect it. Pay particular attention to the grounds. I've never heard of a CDI not killing the engine.

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    Ok so if I jump the black and white wire at the cdi box (which is the kill switch wires) directly to the negative of the battery while it's running this should in theory kill the motor thus the cdi box would be working properly and I have a wiring issue somewhere between the controlls and the CDI box.... I am brand new to jetskis but not mechanics... wiring is my downfall... I'm just trying to test to see where exactly my problem is with out frying my cdi box assuming its good

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