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    Cool 2003 Yamaha XLT 800 Projects

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Finally picked up my first 2 skis, both are 2003 Yamaha XLT 800's. Both skis were purchases knowing they were going to need some work and I believe I got a great deal regardless. I'll be doing as much of the work myself to save money and consider myself mechanically inclined enough to follow directions. Picked up an owners manual as well as a service manual to help me through the overhaul.

    Ski #1 has 131 hours and was running until a sharp turn and now has lost all forward thrust. I am guessing impeller/shaft issue.
    Ski #2 has 137 hours and was running intermittently but always felt like it was in limp mode. Starting and stopping a lot.

    My goal is to recondition both ski's completely, one at a time. I want to pull both motors and rebuild the top end with new pistons regardless of what i found after tearing into them. I want to inspect the bottom end and possibly reseal everything. I'd like opinion on possibly replacing the power valves while I have everything out, instead of using wave eater clips.

    The ski's are running on premix and I would like to convert them back to oil injection only for the ease of the operation. I want to replace all oil lines and clips and possibly just hit all the hoses and lines for fuel, water, and oil.

    1. Rebuild Top end with new seals, gaskets, new plugs, plug wires
    2. Rebuild carbs with Mikuni kits.
    3. Replace all fuel, oil, water line and clips.
    4. Replace choke with Mikuni dual carb primer.
    5. Possibly rebuilding the jet pump with new seals and bearings.
    6. Converting back to stock instead of premix.
    7. Possibly replacing power valves with updated valves to prevent pin drop instead of wave eater clips.

    What else do I need to focus on or add to my list as go to items? I really want to update and clean, repair, repaint while I am pulling everything out. Down the road I may think about upgrading the ride plate and intake grate but its not a MUST right now.

    I am in the process of working on some redneck stands by smacota1.
    I will post updates as I move along. Any questions, comments, concerns, tips, pointers, advice, is all appreciated. Thank you!
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    Redneck Dolly

    Finished the redneck stands. I added a flat washer and a locking washer under each side of the nuts, as well as 3 lag screws to secure the 2x8 to the dolly.
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    Ordered Erickson 1000 lb. sling and picked up a 2 ton cherry picker from the parking lot sale at Harbor. Picker will be assembled today and the sling arriving tomorrow. I hope to have ski # 2 on the redneck stand tomorrow night and we'll start the overhaul. Any additional items I need to address, just let me know. Thanks for following.

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    Moving Along

    Erickson sling and Pittsburgh (HF) Cherry Picker worked great this evening. Redneck carts held up great as well.

    Ski # 2 will be the first ski up as it had the most notable issues. Pulled plugs and tested compression 75 in the front and 85 in the back. Engine removal will start tomorrow after garage and tool organization.

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    Clean Garage and Tools

    Been a minute, had to get the garage and tools cleaned up and organized to make it a bit more efficient for a project of this caliber. I am just a few steps away from pulling the engine out, went to disconnect the oil lines and found previous owner had "jury-rigged" the oil line when he went to premix and basically stuffed a bolt into the oil line and zip tied it.
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    The negative starter motor bolt is a BEAR to get to. I have removed the 10mm nut from the positive but any tips on accessing the neg cable bolt is much appreciated. Thinking about cutting it, I am pulling the motor for a complete rebuild and can just add it to replacement parts list.

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    Engine is in the air...but still connected...Help.

    So, as you can see by the pictures, motor is on the cherry picker but I am still hooked to electrical box. I have been following the Engine Removal manual that SBT produced for the Yamaha 800 and it has helped but some thing have been very different. Appears previous owner also removed the oil pump which I plan to put back on. The SBT manual claims that all wires have quick connects but mine does not. I have circled the issues, the plug will not pass through the "hole" on the box and I am not sure how to proceed. Do I just remove the flywheel magneto to at least free the motor?
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    The motor is free and ready to be broken down once I get a workbench built. Removal of the stator housing was the answer to the above post. I did find some oil in the cover of the stator housing, not sure if this is normal or not. Motor mounts appear to be reusable. Any tips on "cleaning" out the hull? Appears hull has some mold as well on the tanks and tank straps.
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    Engine and Parts

    Workbench built, engine is sitting on it ready for breakdown. Also got a bunch of parts in, still need to order a used oil pump and I am thinking about just replacing the starter while I have the engine out, wouldn't want to replace it after doing all this work.

    WSM Rebuild Kit +1mm over
    Mikuni Carb rebuild kit x2
    New "updated" power valves x2
    Oil Seal Kit
    Jet Pump Rebuild Kit
    Mikuni Choke Delete/Primer Kit

    Again, possibly going to replace starter and will add oil pump back to ski. Anything else I need to think about replacing?

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    Break It Down Damn It!!!! 66e 800 XLT

    Been a minute, not like anyone is following or answering my questions, but I'll keep you people posted anyways!!!
    Got some time to break down the 66e engine a bit. Ski #2 had low compression on the #2 (rear) cylinder and it appears the head gasket was failing by the darkened matter on the top of the cylinder head, correct me if I am wrong, taking a stab. Carbs are off and I have the Mikuni rebuild kits but I have a few questions if anyone ever responds. I thought motor was worse off and ordered a +1mm rebuild kit. How will this affect the carb settings, if at all? Also when I pulled the reed valves, it is very clear there is a large difference (gap) between the two.

    If I decide to go with the big bore, does it have to be resleeved or just bored and honed?

    What can I clean the carbs up with? Can I just hang it outside and spray it with carb cleaner? As for the engine, can I do the same with it, hang it and spray it clean? Pressure wash it?

    Thanks for looking.

    #1 Piston

    #2 Piston

    Cylinder Head

    Good Reed Valve?

    Bad Reed Valve?

    Carburetor - I assume this is the stock I Body Mikuni?

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