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    Prop pitch on fully built FZR

    Totally rebuilt new short block with new Carrillo racing rods and pistons, titanium valve retainers, Riva cylinder head and main bolts, Riva stage 3 kit . I was running an R&D R3 flash at 8750 RPM, After up grades R&D reflashed to R4 at 8800, pushing 16psi on my R&D upgraded supercharger shaft. Heres my problem: Im running a Skat swirl pitched at 15/23,, I gpsd last night at 79.6 mph, at that speed it was continuing to bounce off the rev limit. Ski seems to have A lot more to give and looking for advice on prop pitch or any other ideas to get this pushing closer to 90 mph. I feel like Ive added almost every option available for this 2009 FZR to really rip it up, upgraded clutch was just installed in April.

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    See my sig, you look to be fairly slow at a much higher RPM. Which wheel are you running in there? If I pitched my prop down more I'd be faster than my current speed at a higher RPM but I wanted to keep it safe without touching the internals. With your internals you should be able to run a lot faster and safer.

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    I’m currently running a Riva E2 at 16psi. This thing rips hard down low and tops out very quickly bouncing off the rev, thinking a better pitch would put me a lot faster and keep me off the rev. I see you are turning a 14/24,, i have a feeling with my revs topping out quickly I’ll need something a little more aggressive. I’m sure someone has had a similar set up that can advise, I’d like to only buy a new prop once, and be where it should be
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