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    2008 Yamaha VX110 - New Solas impeller installation, significant vibration

    I have upgraded my 2008 Yamaha VX110 (145 hours on th ski) impeller from stock to a Solas 18/22. I very carefully pre-planned the whole impeller swap out and did all my research (I'm a 40 year experienced mechanic) .

    The swap out went very well without any issues. I inspected every item for any premature wear.

    Took the ski out for the first time after the upgrade, and noticed a significant vibration in the ski. I can also hear a harmonic vibration in the pump housing.

    The impeller was torqued correct during install and there is no sign of contact between the impeller and wear ring. The bearings in the pump housing were like brand new.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    Is it likely to receive a brand new Solas impeller out of balance? Thanks...
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    Thats what happened to my VXS before it Failed, My Advice is pull it off now before you End up with Several $1,000i n Damage to your Ski , Exchange it out get A scat or go back stock.
    Ask me How I know

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