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    New (2018 leftover) SX-R owner, about WOT......beautifully terrifying

    20 plus years on sit downs (where I mostly stood) with a sprinkling of standups back when 440cc was big (for a standup). I'm about 6 engine hours into my new SX-R and taking that ski to WOT is the most beautifully terrifying thing I've ever experienced.

    You have to understand I've jumped 4 foot cruiser waves on Lake Erie where I ended up off a sit down ski airborne and went face first into the steering column on an old Sea Doo 3 seater. Woke up in the water with blood pouring out of my nose. Then my last ski, a Yamaha VXR where I particularly nasty spill left me with a stiff neck for weeks.

    Then there is this ski. I spend most of my time at about 30% throttle so far, and that is where I will likely hang out as I'm in it for the turns and whatever tricks I can manage to pull off. But while I hang out at 30% I must of course test the limits. I mean even that VXR could do high 60's, and I took it there often. This ski......

    Damn. Anything beyond like 60% throttle is terrifying, in a beautiful way. I mean even as a newbie I'm hitting a few jumps, but not at 40+. If you regularly run this thing at WOT, and don't work during the evenings as a circus acrobat, you have my utmost respect. I took it to WOT today, at 6:30AM when only fisherman are on the local lake, and even while riding on a glass surface it was unreal at that speed.

    I write this post with a bruised calf, stiff neck, sore abs, and roughed up knees (all from this ski) as I fly out for a work trip while sad that I won't be able to ride again until Saturday. So while it is terrifying, I can't wait for another opportunity to hit the local lake. I realize standups are a dying breed, but I wish it weren't so. I just wish I hadn't waited to long to buy one.
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    Good write up! 'Beautifully terrifying', I like that description!

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    Agreed! vjason, where’re you at; anywhere near Western NC?

    A host of back-to-back visitors who’re more into speed boating, playing with some old muscle cars; and out-of-town pleasure, etc., etc. have prevented me from getting anymore than 3 or 4 “first standup ever for me” rides on my SXR but, some new local buds who are big time salt water surfers and old time standup riders are joining us for evening cruise sessions so, hopefully I can start getting some more ride time in and progress!

    I do have a steady (NOT blinking!) engine light on that I am hoping I can get to go off by disconnecting the negative battery terminal wire for a minute or so, in a hope of “rebooting” something.

    I did obtain a cd-Rom copy of the SparkTech Service Manual and as it notes on page 3-18 (not seeing anyway I can attach a photo of that page in a PM, though): “if the problem is with any of the following the red warning light will not blink:
    - fuel,pump;
    - fuel injectors;
    - ignition coil secondary wiring and ground
    - ECU power source wiring and ground.”)

    PS - thanks youngdump for your feedback and I am PM’ing you back, next!

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