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    2016 FX SVHO Possible Boast issue


    i have a 2016 SVHO, just before the warrenty expired I had a new engine and supercharger clutch fitted due to a cracked oil cooler which in turn lost compression in on of the cylinders. While the engine was out the supercharger clutch was changed.

    im now 16hrs down the line the ski has been running fine until yesterday and I think itís a charger issue.

    ski will boast to full power once at full speed it drops back to 40mph and you accelerate and nothing, come fully of the power and it will boast again but will now and again not boast from stand still.

    ive checked all hoses, oil is clean and oil changed only 6hrs ago by my dealer, no errors on the dash...does it sound like a charge issues ?

    i will have to take it back to the dealer but thought someone might be able to point me in the right direction?


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    Warranty coverage on the replacement engine?

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    Had similar symptoms last week on my fx sho. Turned out to be fuel pump.

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    Thank guys, dropping it off at dealer later

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