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    Aftermarket Paper Fuel Filter Caused A Massive Lean!!!!!My Fault!!!!!Fawkkkkkkkk!!!!

    its been a while since ive been on here and i Just wanted to i took out my Yami 2stroke XL1200 yesterday and knowingly I should of changed the aftermarket inline paper fuel filter....(it got gummed up with premix from last season)....every season i change it....but i thought in my dumbass way of thinking " hey it'll be ok for a couple hours" Gawd Damit!!!!ruble ruble ruble!!!!! So it leaned out all three carbs and my compression is 60-65ish across the board......well anyways looks like only the rings took the hit......already ordered some and i took the engine apart last night.....ill post up pics in a few..

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    the chatter about the dangers of paper based fuel filters in PWC is often bandied about in the forum

    go with a nylon mesh filter and get some new gas cans if they are metal.

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    What did the cylinders look like with damaged rings? I have a SUV 1200 with uneven compression with Cylinder #1 at ~100 psi, Cylinder #2 at ~g110psi and Cylinder #3 at ~120 psi. I used a endoscope camera and I see some vertical gouges/scuffs in the cylinder walls and something that looks like a rust stain on the cylinder walls in the front two cylinders. This is an SBT engine that has never run right. The ski ran around 43 mph when purchased, I figured the pump had big clearances. Rebuilt the carbs due to leaking fuel at fuel pump with Mikuni kits. Last time I took it out it would idle in the water fine, but would bog when giving it gas. Looks rich but may be lean?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Yep, heard the stories for years but actually saw it 2 years ago on a Kawi 1100. All stainless micron screens for me.

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    by the way, the paper filters used in automotive applications are on the other side of the fuel pump, so they were less likely to restrict fuel flow when they were exposed to water before ethanol became a common fuel additive

    yeah, I'm that old.

    tamaha pwc fitlers ARE actually paper, but treated for marine apploications

    aftermarket yamaha filters are ok to use in a pinch, but the mesh filters do the job unless you need to strain your gas thru a ten gallon hat for some reason.

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