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    Question re: warning alarm

    Hey guys,

    New to the PWC world, and recently bought a 2008 FX Cruiser SHO. It is a little older, but only has 65 hours on it, and so far has been lots of fun for my daughter and I.

    The last couple of times out, I have been getting a warning alarm (lights/beeping) and the check engine light flashes on the display. This seems to only happen at low RPM's...when I first crank it or when I am coming down from speed, but not consistently. If I turn the ski off and restart it, it runs fine.

    I've checked the codes, and it is giving me the 01/normal operation on the display.

    Oil level is good, and intake grate is clear.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you.

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    The only "other" condition that triggers the alarm sound & flashing light without throwing an error code ... is usually the low fuel alert. Not only does the light blink and alarm buzzer beeps, but also the LCD fuel icon on the display will blink too. "Empty' on these Yamaha's is usually at around 4 gallons left in the tank - think of it as a virtual reserve.

    If low fuel is not it, then there might be a code you haven't been able to retrieve before the dash resets. In this case, all past codes get logged/stored ... any dealer, or a YDS computer interface can retrieve the code and run-hours when they occurred.

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    I've had this thought as well, but it happened twice yesterday, both on starts after swimming/playing for a while. I put about 11 gallons in the tank yesterday evening when we were headed home, so I should have had about 7 to spare. Also, it is the check engine icon that flashes, not the low fuel icon (I'd understood they were separate symbols on this model).

    Anyway, I have it topped off, and we're planning on playing again tomorrow. I'll see if I can get it replicate the alarm.

    There are no other indications of revs to ~7k rpms or a bit more, and tops out around 65 mph per my gps watch.

    Thanks for the response.

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    Copy that - engine icon is flashing (not fuel icon) --> In this case, there should be a code to read. The dash method is not very reliable, so I suggest you persue this further by taking it to someone whom can attach YDS on it to access the ECU's error logs.
    Until then, make a mental-note of the run hours on the clocks at the time of these alarms ... so you can associate to the logs once you pull them. BTW, YDS "kits" are commonly sold on ebay. It's a bit old-school tech, so a traditional laptop PC is needed. Alternatively, you could opt for a Candoo diag tool (sold in the GH store) too.

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    YDs 1.33 is about $70 well worth buying, there are plenty of potential issues from misfire to TPS Arron or sensor anomaly at 10 years old the sensors can fail, what rpm are you getting and speed?

    according to the se4cod manual

    Check engine warning: If a sensor malfunction or a short circuit is detected, the “WARNING” indi- 8 cator light and the check engine warning indicator begin to blink, and the buzzer sounds intermit-tently.
    Press any button on the multifunction meter to stop the buzzer when a warning is indicated.

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