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    Question about my new to me SL750

    hi. i just bought a 1994 SL750. its about 95% ready to be put in the water, except one loose hose. im not sure what this hose is for and how i would go about fixing it. any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Does it not go to the silver nipple just to left of your finger?

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    yes it is supposed too.

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    I have a 1995 SL750. I can trace the hose if you need me to. What needs to be repaired with the hose? Is it cracked or torn?

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    Those 2 hoses by your finger are for the in-hull siphon tubes. They both should be connected and put a zip tie around them so the hoses don't come off the metal barb on the jetpump. These lines are not under pressure, but rather mild suction... whenever the pump is pumpin (ie the engine is running).

    On the inside of the hull, you will find two long clear tubes/hoses... that each have a 90deg plastic connector in the middle. These are your in-hull siphons (they suck any water out that gets in there... only when engine is running). Inspect the 90deg plastic connector... there is a tiny hole in each that needs to be open (not clogged)... in order for the siphon to work properly. Additionally, the middle of the hose where the 90deg connector is, should be ziptied up high in the hull... creating a hump in the hose (low open pickup end, high middle 90deg connector, low back thru the hull to the jetpump). This high point is critical to not flood out your hull when the ski is sitting in the water (not running). I find these siphon lines work very well on my skis.


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