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    New Guy saying Hello, and have a few questions regarding my New "Old" Sea Doo RXT

    Hello Everyone,

    I am completely new to PWC, boats, marine tech in general.
    I did just complete a required boating course (in Canada, got my pleasure craft operating card)
    And I got myself a 2008 Sea Doo RXT 215 project, that I hope will hit the water this summer and be reliable + fun.

    A little background on the RXT:
    No service history at all
    The seadoo and trailer are registered, fully legal, purchased from a retired police officer that inherited it and did not want it. Unit was registered to previous owner that I purchased it from, and is now registered to me.
    Unit has some hull and other damage (more on this later)
    The engine bay does look good, no corrosion, no damaged engine mounts, nothing appears out of place.
    Battery is dead, it will not turn over, purchased on pure faith.....

    A little background on me:
    I have ridden and maintained motorcycles for decades, also maintain my own car, I'm no mechanic, but ok with a wrench.
    I have been looking for a used pwc for a little while, and with my limited budget a new or a clean used unit was out of the question, hence why I got this project that I'm hoping to revive and enjoy. A friend of mine got an old RX 800 thats ready to go (super clean, good compression), so I got this project to hopefully ride with him.

    Now the project part, what I've found wrong with the RXT (so far):

    Bottom of hull is scratched up, looks to be beached repeatedly, with a palm sized area ground down to the fiberglass, but no holes or cracks.
    Should I try to seal the exposed fiberglass? or leave it for the season and take care of it in the fall/winter?
    Is there any potential for further damage? damaging the fiberglass? ( will not be beaching the unit)

    The front trunk that has the tip-up hood, the spot where the gas strut bracket attaches to the plastic lid is broken off, the raised rib that the strut bracket attaches to is broken right off the lid. I saw this several times when looking at used sea-doos, it seems to be common on the older units?
    How to repair this? do I need to replace the whole lid? (the black portion)? or is there some kind of aftermarket bracket that can be bolted to the lid?

    The dash does display the message "supercharger maintenance" and is at 177hrs
    I read about all the SC problems that can be had with these early units (ceramic washers, although the '08 should be metal). I also inspected the engine bay area and it does appear that the supercharger has been removed in the past (the factory crimped hose clamps that would have to come off to remove the SC have been replaced with worm gear clamps)

    I did remove the SC intake hose and checked the SC, it does not spin freely, it actually feels pretty tight, cant get it to turn far with just my fingers, have not done the torque wrench slip test as I don't have the proper tools yet. Where can I find the proper torque wrench for this?

    I did order the candoo tool to read more data from this unit (how it was ridden, and whatever may be stored in it) and be able to reset the maintenance message.

    I also ordered a oem brp sc overhaul kit, and the necessary sc install tools.
    However, with the SC seemingly in ok shape, assuming it has been out at least once to overhaul, and if it passes the slip torque test, could I get this season out of the SC and overhaul it in the fall/winter?

    Other Questions and things I'm having a harder time finding info on:

    Pump/Intake/Shaft maintenance
    What should I check on this? are there grease points? what to check, what to look for?

    Where to find a service manual? (hopefully in PDF format?) are they available?

    What else to check/do before taking the unit on the water?

    This struck me as strange, but the '08 RXT 215 does not have a trim adjust? I don't see button for it anywhere (my friends '96 xp has trim adjust, and so has every other sea-doo I've looked at) but not the RXT? is it not needed?

    What I plan to do next in the short run:
    The battery that came with the unit is quite dead, also the wrong size, but may be good enough (after charging) to try and start, I have ordered a new battery. I may be able to boost the unit to start as well. I'm assuming its ok to run for a short period of time with no water?

    If you've read this far, thanks for taking the time, I appreciate it, and am looking forward to reading the replies, getting this project done and getting into riding sea-doos!


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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new "used" Sea Doo. I will try to help with just a few of your items and only take them as my opinion only, there are far more experienced people on this forum that will hopefully chime in and help out.

    2. The front trunk fix would all depend on what part is actually broken on it. It may be able to be replaced or you might have to find a new lid or someone parting out one that you can get from them. You may be able to find a parts diagram online for the part number to look up if you want to buy.

    3. Maintenance Required message comes on when normal service like oil changes and hour interval maintenance is recommended. It can only be reset by someone with the proper program like the dealer. I believe a lot of people who do their own maintenance has this same message displayed as does my 2011 GTX. As for the super charger.... They are recommended to be rebuilt every 100 hours or 2 years I believe it is. I think newer ones recommend 200 hours but the riders still recommend to do it at 100 hours. Even if it seems like it is in good condition it might be in your best interest to have it rebuilt anyway. You don't know the history of the machine or have proof that it was ever rebuilt. You are talking an 11 year old ski with 177 hours on it and the last thing you want is for it to mess up your engine because it seemed ok.

    4. Pump/Intake/Shaft. You should be able to find good info with some searches. You do need to check the prop and wear ring to see the condition. Jet pump oil I believe is one of the items. There is also a cone at the end that seals the oil inside and should be checked for water intrusion.

    5. A quick google search should be able to find a manual for your ski. Some are free and some you may have to purchase but they are out there.

    6. I would make sure you have fresh plugs and oil and check for any loose fittings/bolts and what not. Start it while on the trailer to make sure it is running before launching it. Only run for a few minutes and make sure to hook up your water source and start the ski FIRST then turn on water. Run for a minute or so then shut off water FIRST then shut off ski.

    7. The trim adjustment depends on the model and year. Some have it and some don't. My 07 RXP does not have it and my 11 GTX does. You can search 2008 Sea Doo RXT specs and you should be able to find more info about it.

    Hope this helps a little and again, this is my opinion from what I have read. I am not as experienced as most of the others on this site....

    Good luck and enjoy!

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    Scroll down for 2008
    $ 9.50
    You get the manual as PDF file without any restrictions!

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    Thank you for the replies,
    I got the service and owner manuals as pdf's,
    Thanks for the link!

    It appears that my year/model sea-doo does not have the trim adjustment, the rxp did, the rxt does not. Should make little difference to me at my experience level

    I got most of the parts that I wanted (sc overhaul kit and tools, candoopro tool, new battery) and still need a few other maintenance items, like new oil and oil filter.

    In the next few days I should get the unit running, and if all is ok get it on water later this week.

    I'm sure I'll have loads of other questions as I go.

    Thanks again!


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