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    96 SL900 Carb Rebuild...What about Fuel Pumps?

    I have 3 x OEM rebuild kit # 025-627 on there way for my carb rebuilds. While skimming through my Clymers I saw mention of 2 fuel pumps one on the PTO carb and one on the MAG carb. My question is are these internal on the carbs, and the parts to rebuild them will be in these kits? Or do I need to order another kit to rebuild the pumps? The SBT carb rebuild guide mentions a pump on the carb, but I am unsure if it is the fuel pump and if I will have all necessary parts to complete this and ensure that my fuel system will be tiptop....

    I have the three oem rebuild kits, carb base gaskets, and oem fuel filters on the way. Fuel lines have previously been replaced and will be thoroughly inspected/changed if necessary and fuel selector will be inspected/replaced. Is there anything else I need to do here or order for the fuel system? Just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something.

    Thank you!

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    I'm not familiar with the kit you bought, see what is included when it arrives.

    Just wondering if your user name comes from here ?

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    I'm not sure I'll know what I am looking at when the kit arrives. It is the Sudco OEM rebuild kit. I am thinking I need to weight the cost of rebuilding the fuel pump x 2 vs upgrading to the triple output pump to see if it is even worthwhile trying to keep the OEM pumps. I will do some more searching on this topic.

    LOL it is actually a combination of the Southpark reference and my last name. The unique spelling has always been available as a handle so it has stuck as an online username.

    Thank you for your responses they are much appreciated as I delve into unfamiliar territory.

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    From what I gather on Watcon the carb kit and fuel pump kit are in fact two different items, then there is the accelerator pumps that I might have to rebuild. From what I can find it looks like the triple output pump is only an option on the Fuji motors. Considering the Fuji triple output pump costs just a bit more than one Keihin fuel pump rebuild kit I wonder if anyone has had any luck making it work with the Keihin carbs. Anybody have any input on this? Just rebuilding the carbs is starting to be a few hundred dollars more than I thought I would have to spend on them.

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    I don't recall anybody using the single pump with Keihin carbs. Probably an advanced level of modification.

    The carbs are pretty durable. I would probably approach the rebuild with an "as needed " attitude.
    I think I heard John at Watcon puts together "custom" kits to keep cost down- give him a call.

    Only 1 accel pump. 2 fuel pumps on a 3 cyl. The kits look to have something for the fuel pump side,not sure if it's just stock photos.

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    Yeah to modify to an external pump seems like a lot of unnecessary hassle.

    Ah crap. I assumed each carb had an accel pump so I ordered 3. I'll give John a call back tomorrow and see if I can change that order.

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    Pulled the carbs on my lunch break and the carb kits are in. Fuel pump and accel kits on the way. 0-60 psi pressure gauge on the way for my home-made pop-off tool using a spray gun pressure regulator that I had laying around with a bad gauge on it.

    Anyone got any tips, tricks, or anything else to look for that isn't covered in the Clymers? This will be my first time doing a carb rebuild. Wish me luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweeaks View Post

    Anyone got any tips, tricks, or anything else to look for that isn't covered in the Clymers?

    This will be my first time doing a carb rebuild. ...
    Do you know about this


    and this

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Yes sir, I do. I suppose I was looking more for personal experience tips like "Oh crap, I shoulda done this instead of that. Now I know for next time." kind of stuff. Got them pulled apart last night and it was pretty straightforward stuff. I was surprised at the condition of everything. Extremely clean, with the exception of a bit of corrosion on some internal screw heads. Someone must have gone through these not too long ago already. I'll get them finished up and move down the list of to-dos.

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