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    1994 Polaris sl 650 no spark!

    I just got this 1994 sl650 that was rebuilt in 15 with papers, my dad owned it and said it took on some water but not a lot then wouldn’t get spark anymore, he messed with it for a year and cleaned the fuel system and cleaned the carbs and replaced the stator and still wouldn’t spark at this point he was sick of it and gave it to me. So far I have pulled the battery and replaced it, and looked at the electrical box and everything seemed connected. I took a power probe and tested the two red wires coming out of the electrical box and one was live at 12.6 volts and the other was live at I believe 10.6 when I hit the starter. I have tested anything further out of lack of knowledge I have access to all the tools to check the wires resistance I just need to know how and what to do. I have used a spark plug tester and had no spark on any cylinders.

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    Click this link, and save it as bookmark in your browser. Lots of useful info in there.


    The blue Fuji engines do not use battery power for the CDI ignition. The energy comes from the magneto stator coils inside the flywheel. Trigger signals come from the stator to tell the CDI when to fire spark plugs.

    You can find ohmmeter tests for the stator via the above link.

    The ignition system on your Fuji engine is a ‘wasted spark’ design. All three spark plugs fire together every time any cylinder needs ignition. So almost anything that will stop one cylinder from firing will stop them all from firing.

    Check the ignition coil wiring. All three primary coils are wired in series.

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    94 sl650 no spark!!!

    I have a sl650 that is getting no spark I was given this pwc for free from my dad as he was sick of working on it. It’s .5 over and was rebuilt in 2015. I don’t know much about jet skis but he said this one had taken on some water but the box looks fine, he has replaced the stator with what he believes was a cheaper Chinese one, I have the necessary tools to test for power and resistance but I don’t have the knowledge to do so I will post pictures tomorrow morning of the cdi box

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