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    2019 gp1800r glob of glue under intake grate

    This weekend I removed the intake grate on my 2018 GP1800r and found a huge glue ball right where drive shaft comes thru hull. It's the brown glue they use inside the hull, I'm assuming they just used too much and it dripped out on production. The ski has 3hrs on it. The ski did have some cavitation on low RPM's. I cut 90% of it off. The ski now has less cavitation.
    Anyone else have this issue? I'm wondering if I should tell my dealer.

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    Photo of the area that had the excess glue?

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    I did not take any pictures. It was a brown glue ball the size of quarter. right where the drive shaft comes thru the hull. I was able to use a pair of cutting pliers to cut out small pieces of it till 90% of it was gone.

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