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    Question oil filter cap leaving a slight gap?

    Hey guys I got a 18 gtx 230 just recently changed the oil on it, the oil cap doesn't seem to sit completely flush there's about a 16th of an inch gap. I took the cap off at least 4-5 times to get it to sit flush and no matter what I do or how I twist it there is always this little gap, the bolt is very tight too. It does seem to have a little lip on the cap so this may in fact be "normal" I dunno... Is the oil filter possibly not correct or is this normal? This is my first sea doo so I'm used to the good ol style ones lol. This is off subject but also the kit the dealer sold me left me a little short with oil I had to go back and buy a quart and add a little to get a reading on my dipstick. There was a new guy at the parts counter and he seemed a little unsure what kit to sell me, When I did my break in oil change whatever kit the first guy sold me was perfect I didn't have to add anything, I remember it being a gallon jug. I went back to the dealer and questioned them about this and they said that the oil is the correct oil and I just have to add a little bit more. I don't know if they just don't wanna own up to giving me the wrong kit or if they are telling the truth. I have not rode the ski yet so if I have to suck this oil out I will, I just wanna get this straightened out by the weekend with possibly the correct oil and figuring out the oil cap situation. Any input is always much appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    The oil filter cap gap, its normal

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    If it doesnt leak, ride it.

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    when you change the filter, make SURE the rubber grommets on the filter come out when you change the filter. I've dealt with more then one shade tree shop filling hulls with oil by missing one and then trying to get the lid on with TWO grommets on top or bottom

    as stated, if its not leaking don't worry.

    pay careful attention to the o-rings and always checks for leaks after changing the filter. I put new o-rings in every third filter change. I don't need to be paying for 4k an engine for $15 worth of rubber(that you're paying for anyway)

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    It is normal. I always replace all the o-rings and torque the filter down to around 80 inch/lbs from memory. Strange that there is a small gap but its just the way it is.

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