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    Ultra 300X Problem....

    Ultra 300X 2013 75 Hours

    Since some Days.... The Engine runs rough while drive slow like on 3 Cylinders...when you pull the Throttle it take some time and then the Ski runs normal.
    You can ride slow and then fast no problem but when you kill the Engine and Start egain the Problem is the same....

    some iedea ?

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    How old are your plugs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRP View Post
    The Engine runs rough while drive slow... when you kill the Engine and Start again the Problem is the same....
    Classic Symptoms:

    Good Luck !!!

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    Spark Plugs around 10 Hours, Belt is around 5 Hours

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    Also have the same issue currently bought a 2013 ultra 300X with 50 hours last weekend rough idle when cruising through no wake zone like it’s missing. Once at wot running around 12 pounds of boost according to the gauge. Hit 58 today best I seen. I’m new here so if this isn’t allowed just delete it thanks

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    Exhaust Filter like new, Intercooler Clean, all Hose Clamps good.

    I changed the Spark Plugs, the Oil and the Oil Filter, runs Perfekt.... around 76 mpH at 8000 rpm with

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    The problem with all self made youtube mechanics that assume the plugs are NEW so they cant be the problem means nothing !!

    Over the years Ive replace a heap of NEW plugs that the owner put in , some time they had replaced 2 or 3 sets of plugs to still have the same fault

    Turns out more often than not they have cracked the plug when installing the because they dont use the correct tool or use the tool wrong.

    or they use the gorilla technique to remove the plug lead and break the lead

    both WILL lead to low end miss fire under heavy load.

    Just sayin

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