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    Do I need to change the plugs

    I have a 2018 FXHO I bought new last year. It runs great and has less than 60 hours. Do I need to or should I change the plugs? IF so which kind should I use.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No, you don't need to change the plugs. Inspect them around 100 hours and if it ain't broke, don' fix it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sys1mxb View Post
    I have a 2018 FXHO I bought new last year. It runs great and has less than 60 hours. Do I need to or should I change the plugs? IF so which kind should I use.

    Thanks in advance.
    I always change the spark plugs before the first ride of every season. What happens is you will always have water present in your exhaust/waterbox. That water evaporates and finds it's way upwards through open exhaust valves and fouls out plugs. Just so you don't have any issues all summer long, change plugs at the start of every season.

    Use the stock plugs!

    NGK-LFR6A Spark Plug for Yamaha HO & SHO Engines

    NGK Spark Plug for Yamaha SHO 4 Stroke Engines. (4 total required)
    NGK-LFR6A $7.49

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    If you do not change plugs at least buy a set and carry them along with your tool kit just incase you have a problem. I replace plugs and battery ever other year I put about 50 to 75 hours each year on my ski.

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    I changed my plugs (FX Cruiser HO) at 100 hours even though they still looked great. The plugs looked so good that I did not want change them. I am really surprised at some of the pictures of plugs I have seen on this forum, compared to mine.

    To get water out of the water box, I always run it 10 - 15 seconds on the trailer when I pull it out after a day on the water. Also, I run non-ethanol gas exclusively. Ethanol in gas breaks down and leaves moisture in your fuel tank a lot faster than you might imagine. If you can get non-ethanol, do it.

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    I have always noticed a lil miss and surge at speed at around the 75 hour mark on my FZR , GP1800 and Uncles FZS...change plugs and all is good...………..I just change them when I do the oil which is once a year. I like a good running ski and the cost of a few plugs vs. the enjoyment I get out of my ski is a no brainer....just sayin

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    I always change mine after burning off the fogging oil for the summer.

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    I generally change each season. They are cheap. And if I have to yank me anyways to fog, new ones go back in. I don’t worry about fogging oil. I have thrown away a lot of good looking plugs

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