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    Quote Originally Posted by Bdesim View Post
    ... Iíll take your word for it.

    I wonder if that is due to all the heat cycling and people storing them outside in the hot sun or the extreme cold.
    I do not have statistical data, just a general sense that people with plastic boxes seem to report moisture inside more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bdesim View Post
    Anyone tried putting the plastic e box from an slth in an slt? I have one I would donate for the cost of shipping if you wanted to try. Comes with nothing but the circuit board but it should be what you need to swap everything over... then you donít have to worry about shorting it out.
    The plastic boxes have the "screw on type " water holder/seals. Those plastic nuts and rubber seals are put on before the terminals or wiring splices. Should replace the harness and small components to match the box.

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    Ah forgot about those plastic nuts. If the OP wants to try it I should have the whole harness and box from a 99 SLTH. I just have to dig it all out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ace View Post
    Thx guys. I agree it sounds like a death trap if it was to short out. I wonder if anyone has done a relocation for this issue and what they did with pics would be awesome. My 97 bolts to a fiberglass partition they added beside the battery.
    It's just a matter of finding space and glassing in a place with some studs sticking up to mount the box using a stainless strap.

    I have no intention of ever rebuilding another 2 person, in fact I am down to my final four SLT780s and will probably strip the one remaining for parts and junk it. Probably do the same for the other hull if I can figure out where to store all the parts I have shoved in it.

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