So I got my Riva tune recently and I was excited to finally tie in all my mods and go full stage 2.. well I think my tune is off or something cause I have all the stage 2 mods and my ski doesnít feel or really any faster than before .(all mods minus tune and impeller /reduction nozzle ) I did the reduction nozzle and the impeller for the 2010 model and I canít tell a real difference it actually feels much slower on the launch.. and Iím only getting like 70 when it says 74. I would expect.. I think the tune needs a Little Rock for my ski and I was just curious other peopleís experience with the Riva tunes ..

i actually have a 14/19r impeller and the tune calls for a 15/19r and I put that on my tuning paper. My understanding is that should give me a harder launch right ?