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    2006 VX110 crank , no start

    Great running ski till this spring. Usually out of storage it starts right up. This year it cranks but does not start. I changed plugs but still nothing.

    Couple of weird things, if I wait a few hours between attempts it runs for like 2 seconds. If I hold the throttle open and let go when cranking it runs for about 1 secs.

    Otherwise it cranks without even attempting to run.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Check your fuel pump. Happened to mines a year ago. Also happened before another ski is that stop button was somehow shorting or making contact and would not make the fuel pump run thus just making the engine crank over with no start.

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    if the skis battery aws out, and you have a security remote, try holding the unlock button down for a few seconds

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