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    1994 SLT 750 vs 1997 SLT 780

    Any major differences in these? 1994 asking for 1200 and 1097 asking for 800.

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    Yes. 94 SLT 750 hull is made of fiberglass and almost 70 lbs lighter if I remember correctly. The 750 makes 80 HP and will do about 48-50 MPH. It's also very difficult to find an aftermarket ride plate for this ski as it was model specific and only made for 2 years. It also has the short jet pump unlike the SLT 780, but can be upgraded to the long version for added speed and steering.

    The SLT 780 is made of Sheet Molded Composite and is heavier. It also has strakes built into the bow to keep down on water splashing. It also comes with sponsons mounted at the rear to help with handling. The 780 makes 92+ HP and will do about 50-52 MPH.

    The down side of the SLT 780 (and SLTX) we've found is that the hull is prone to cracking on the right side below the rub rail all the way down to the keel. Be advised, we do not baby our skis. We take them out in the biggest waves and jump the Hell out of them though.

    Honestly, if you ride normal, either ski is a good, stable, fun, playful, reliable ski. We love them.

    I personally have a 1995 SLT 750 with a 780 engine installed in it, with the long jet pump upgrade, extended ride plate, and also added trim to it. It will do about 53 MPH and handles rough water conditions pretty well.

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