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Thread: Cdi question

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    Cdi question

    Hello guys im new to the forum. I have just bout my 1st 2 pc's used of course to see if it's something I'll enjoy. They are a 96 700 slt and a 97 700 slt. The 97 has a blown engine the 96 has an electrical issue. I'm going to try and make 1 good 1 out of the 2. SO now the question. Are the cdi's the same. Here are the #s on them both. The 96 is 105 552.02 and the 97 is 552 2 0000 01 the model # 4060148 on the 97. Can I swap these to try or or they different or upgraded versions.thx I also have stators in both machines if cdi is not the issue. Also is there any simple tests I can do to check spark in the electrical box to test components? I'm a auto mechanic and have the tools for testing to help narrow down issues without changing parts for nothing.

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    Click below, you will find answers to many questions.

    There are links in the red engine section for how to test stators and also check which version of the ignition system you have in each.

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