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    I try to the button to let it warm up for those 20-30 seconds, just cause I have read it helps...

    but in every boosted car I have had, I don't I just start it and go like normal, and the wide band takes a little bit to heat, and start I think it's more of a water issue then warming it up.
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    It is a water issue. The sensor not being warmed its trying to warm up wet.. Killing the sensor early. If you switch the sensor on first it's not wet or getting wet while trying to warm up. A car does not have this issue do to the fact the exhaust isn't cooled by water.

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    18 MM copper crush washers on Amazon $8.99 for 50, should give you some options on aligning the heat sink dot.

    Quote Originally Posted by mittens View Post
    the same as the wide band o2. you just thread it in the bung, and then the sensor threads into it

    The DOT on one of the 6 sides of the nut part indicates which way the forward hole is. you want it facing the exhaust source.

    it was perfect on old ski then I dropped my washer and lost it. so I made one for new ski and had to grind it thinner and thinner till I got it perfect when tight in the riva adapter. I leave it in the adapter, and then swap the plug and sensors in and out of it.

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