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    2000 GTX Millenium WOT issues

    Hey all, need advice. WOT issue

    Just replace all fuel lines, did NOT disassemble or clean fuel selector, disassembled carbs to the point to replace filters, then reassembled with new gaskets to replace what I had disturbed. DID NOT mess with carb settings whatsoever.
    New plugs, New oil filter, New fuel filter, New fresh 87 octane fuel.
    New Solas Concord 15/20 impeller, New OEM 267000314 pump, New Solas intake grate.
    Starts GREAT, low and midrange GREAT.
    BUT only making 6250 or so RPM @ WOT. Butterflies ARE fully open with a touch of slack in cable. Made 6850'ish last season.

    I'm seeing a lot of mention of TPS and RAVE issues may be the cause...thoughts?

    Or could it be that the prop and grate are introducing enough pressure into the pump where the engine is doing all it can?

    Does a 2000 GTX 951, Millenium with out DI even have a TPS? If so, wtf is it? lol


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    Impeller is kinda tall for stock motor.

    Take rave caps & springs off & see if rpm goes up...taht will tell if its a rave issue.

    reinstall stock impeller & see if rpm comes back.

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    I removed the raves today and cleaned them. The bellows for them and seals are all fine. Reinstalled and got the RPM up to 6500. I'll be replacing the fuel valve when the new one arrives...thinking that with all the green gum I found throughout the system there has GOT to be some in there possibly restricting. Then from there I want to verify voltage drop at 80% throttle on the TPS....but unsure exactly which wires on that ski to test for that....GTX Service Manual shows schematic, but can't find testing procedure (which wires to test for power,etc.) Do you know water worx?

    Regarding the impeller....stock is 15/21 no? Wouldn't the 15/20 Solas potentially increase RPM due to the slightly lower pitch? I went with the Solas because of it being forged not bent, polished and sharp. Never thought it could lower I wrong? BTW..stock impeller not in serviceable condition and no longer in my possession.

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