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    A fouled plug or bad coil will act this exact way too, 1800's are so powerful you may not notice the miss but the rpm will show it. Its happened to me 2 times on my modded FZS.

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    As a side note, don't forget to get a 1/4 inch ratchet and a 5/16 socket and wrench down every single hose clamp from the beginning to the end. A yellow handed nut driver will not get them tight enough. It wont be enough to drop the RPM that much, but it can drop it enough to feel a difference. Combined with a few other simple things like plugs and a clogged up ribbon filter, it certainly does amplifies the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1_Fast_SHO View Post
    Get a new clutch lol
    If this is a 18 gp, check your fourth injector make sure the pin did not break, 18s apparently have that issue

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    A good friend of mine just had this issue yesterday. It was the hose on the throttle body that popped off.

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    Thanks everyone, intercooler boot going into the throttle body came off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bwainwright633 View Post
    Thanks everyone, intercooler boot going into the throttle body came off
    Nice. Glad it was something simple. Need to double check mine as well just in case.

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