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    2019 FX SVHO limited carrying 3 gas cans unstable at high speeds?

    I got a 2019 FX SVHO Limited and has been carrying an aluminum rack with 3 gas cans behind. The ski is unstable at high speeds (bouncing). Like to get this resolved so I can got WOT even with the extra gas.

    Any idea what is causing it?

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    Stock ride plate?

    How fast are you running at wide open throttle?

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    Stock ride plate, going 65-67 mph. I have a riva one on order. The ski is stock and only other thing I did was a valve to shutoff or turn on the rear spray

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    Got a pic of this setup?
    Too much weight aft is your problem, bet it gets worse as your main tank gets lower.
    Also all that fluid back there does not "lean" into the turns or the wave conditions, it does the opposite, so it not like have a rider back there.
    Try to ride your ski with someone that leans the wrong way every time, thats the 3 gas cans back there. The only way to reduce theat tendancy is baffled gas cans and they don't exist unless custom made.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazsak View Post
    How far back is that rack positioned?
    Looks like it is cantilevered over the rear edge of the deck?

    Can the rack/weight be shifted farther forward?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    No it cant move forward

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    We know that after 70mph the 2019s have unfavourable handling that the Riva plate fixes. It's possible the weight is making this problem come out at lower speed. Did you try trim adjustments? Did it get better or worse with trim up or down?

    Either way I think it unreasonable to expect the ski to handle properly at WOT with over 100lbs on the tail of it. Might help to get an auxilary tank made for under the rear seat so you don't need as much on the tail.

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    Thanks, I did trim down and it seems a little more stable but still not like stock. I guess I will remove it and see if it goes away. If so I just have to leave with it on long rides

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    I have same ski with a riva plate and a few extras- bounces at WOT - 75 mph. Someone must have a fix for the new hull. I'll be carrying extra fuel also.
    For a test - throw one can into the front - I'll try that tomorrow.

    Not certain the "new hull' is that great - yet.

    good luck.

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