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    RXP 300 Oil capacity

    Oil changes on the 300 is always a pain. I drain all the oil and do the drown mode... add oil, start it up and then the dip stick never reads any oil. So I drive it and then come back and it will then read an inch over full even though I put less than the required amount in. So as of right now I have not ridden it but Iíve started it and put almost a full gallon of oil in. I left like half a quart in the jug. Why does it never read on the dipstick? I know damn well once I drive it, it will read to full. What the hell is the capacity on this thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverrunner808 View Post
    What the hell is the capacity on this thing?
    See page 109 of your owners manual.

    The procedure I follow is to ensure the ski sits level. Do this by placing a level on the rub rail.

    Add oil; try to add the same amount you removed, but maybe a bit less. Run it for 1 minute (on the hose).

    Let it sit a few minutes, check the level on the dipstick. Add more if needed and run it again / let it rest, repeat as necessary.

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