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    Adjustable handlebar height on GP1800?

    I often stand up when riding my GP1800. I find the factory steering to be a little too low to ride without bending down more than I would like to.

    I have begun thinking how to add adjustable height steering from some other Yamaha model.

    My first experiment was with the FZ telescopic handlebar assembly. Now that I have both GP1800 and FZ steering on hand, and not mounted in a hull, I can see that the FZ steering design simply will not fit the GP1800.

    Bases are different, column stem bottom end bushing size is different, upper column design is different. Nothing will interchange.

    The FZ upper deck is much closer to the bars than GP1800. GP1800 steering has a tall ‘tower’ style base bolted onto the deck. The FZ steering base sits right on the deck, no tower. Just a different design. Yamaha clearly did not try to carry over any of the parts.

    Next idea is 2019 FX steering. The 2019 FX hull was derived from GP1800 so _maybe_ the steering is a closer relative, from a design and retrofit standpoint

    So I need to compare the 2019 FX steering assembly with the GP1800 steering.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    F3J-61400-00-00 STEERING MASTER ASSY

    Apparently the same steering assembly has been used on FX models 2015-2019.

    Anbody have a 2015 or newer FX steering assembly I could experiment with?

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    The 2014 and earlier FX also has adjustable steering height?


    What is the difference compared to the 2015 onwards FX steering?

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    Maybe just the ride system? That seems to always be the kicker leaving the 14 a loner. I dont mind it

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