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    2000 Sea Doo ME GTX 951....HELP

    I have 2 of these skis that I bought 2 years ago. Got them cheap. Here is my issue. Ski #1 ran great until the end of the season last year. Did a compression check and one cylinder had nothing. Pulled the head and it was toast. It will definitely need bored out, new pistons, etc. My question for that one is do I need to pull the engine to rebuild the top end?

    Ski # 2 I believe was hydro locked when I got it. I finally got it to turn over but could never get it to fire. The issue I have here is now it just clicks and will not turn over. I can't ever get the shaft to spin to see if it is free. Probably seized. Could it be the starter that is hung up?

    Any thoughts would be great.

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    #1 yes you should pull the motor & inspect the carnak & replace the crank seals or you may be doing your topend twice.

    #2 starter solenoid is smoked from trying to turn over a locked up motor.

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    Pulling the engine is easy and will make inspections and repairs easier like Water Worx said. The only downside is you will need to align the engine if you pull it and that requires a special tool.

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    I believe you can do a top end without pulling the engine but it really does not pay since you need to inspect the lower end anyways.

    Not sure why your second one is locked but I doubt if the starter is locked up. Do you have the spark plugs in or out? You may of fried the starter. Or like water worx said the relay is toasted.

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