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    New to me 97 SL900 maintenance advice before riding.

    Got a new to me 97 SL900 that I want to go through before putting on the water. Got a Clymer on the way.. Compression reads 105, 100, 110 from front to back. I believe this is on the low end of the spectrum, but think it'll be okay to run on the water until compression drops more.

    Going to replace all fuel lines, fuel filters (Haven't found replacements yet. Will automotive fuel filters be okay?) inspect fuel shutoff valve and replace if necessary, inspect water separator, and inspect and clean tank and cap. Anything else I should do here?

    On the fence about the oil injection system. If I replace oil lines and ensure the tank is in good condition (clean and inspect for leaks) is the injection pump proven to be reliable? Anything else to look at here? I'm not against premixing, however I don't want to do it "just 'cus..reasons"
    If the pump will fail then of course its a no brainer and the block off will go in.

    Will get carb kits ordered and go through those. Hopefully the Clymers will help me with that because it is something I've never done before and am not sure what I am looking for.

    I believe it has the original CDI because it has 2 ground wires. Haven't founf enough information to determine if its been updated. If it hasn't do I run the risk of damaging the engine with the original unit, or will it just end up leaving me stranded on the water?

    Is there anything else I should do before running this thing in the water? I've made a flush kit adapter and had water running from a hose through it and let it idle for 2 minutes before I shut off the water. It took a little bit to get it to start which I'm hoping can be attributed to the BR7 plugs and it sitting for a year. Seemed to idle ok, but got a little intermittent vibration that seemed to be on the back end where the impeller shaft is.

    All help is appreciated.

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    Click here, start reading.


    Lots to learn. Read up and then post questions as you encounter issues not covered by the info.

    It is normal for the impeller to rattle on the splines when run out of the water. That does not mean you can skip inspecting the jet pump.

    It is worth going through the machine from bow to stern and check everything, even if some things seem OK. When out on the water a failure can leave you stranded and can cause significant mechanical damage.

    Only use OEM fuel filter. Aftermarket filters can cause flow restriction, especially paper filters.

    Lots of prior threads on carburetor rebuilding. Use genuine OEM rebuild kits, available form

    Maximum run time on the garden hose is two minutes. Always start Engine first, then turn on water flow. Stop water flow, then stop engine. That order, every time.

    Cold engine can run without water for 20 seconds or so, not a problem.

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    Thank you lots of info on that link! I'll start with fuel lines then go from there. I'm excited to get this thing in the water and have some fun, but knew I had to pump the brakes and go through it thoroughly or risk failure.

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